Spring into Summa, Summa Time

May finally brought great weather and the month June was no different! I’ve been enjoying this great weather by dragging my pup running with me. While it is great having a little running buddy, training him to run alongside me without pulling me has been a headache. He loves to chase squirrels and bikers and stops dead in his tracks when he sees another dog. I’m hoping this will eventually get better. Wish me luck!20180621_110455

Now for the crazy amounts of baking I have been doing! My best friend sent me a picture that inspired me to start a little chocolate chip cookie project. I am testing out the same choc chip cookie recipe with slight variations to the ingredients/methods. So far I have baked the original recipe (I am using my famous choc chip cookie recipe),  I swapped the melted butter for browned butter, and finally swapped the granulated for brown sugar.
My favourite thus far has been the browned butter version, however they were a bit dry. Next time I whip these up, I will measure the butter post-browning and top it off with water to add some moisture.

Related image

Next up, Mother’s Day: this year I made ice cream sandwiches. A few members of the famjam have an intolerance to dairy and gluten. So I baked up two types of cookies and made two ice creams. First up, gluten free chocolate chip cookies. The recipe can be found here: https://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/gluten-free-chocolate-chip-cookies/513ffc09-ccbf-4856-9097-c6434194fa2e, Next, the dairy free ice cream found here: https://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/gluten-free-dairy-free-easy-ice-cream/
, Aaaaaaand then (said in the voice from Dude Where’s My Car), from my favourite ever, (the Vanilla Bean Baking Book) I baked up Sarah’s chocolate sugar cookies and made her coffee ice cream. Seriously GO GET THIS BOOK. If you need more convincing give her a follow on instagram. #notsponsoredjustalittlecrazy


My best friends own a daycare and asked me to bake a cake for the graduation! I was a little nervous because I’ve never baked a larger cake before and my piping skills are not the greatest. Before I said yes, I baked a test cake and it turned out perfectly! My trusted taste tester told me she might have preferred it over bakery cakes. I promise I won’t let my head get too big.

I was super nervous come the big bake day. The day started off a little chaotic and by the end of it, I ran to the grocery store 3 times. I also zested a good chunk of my thumb off (don’t worry everything was tossed and cleaned before I continued), and the dog was pissed off that I wasn’t paying enough attention to him. By the time I got to the piping I was so nervous my hands were shaking. Despite all of that, the cake turned out beautifully! I was also nervous for the transportation of the cake, so I drove and the hubs held it. 😉


My bestie and trusted taste tester turned another year older and I decided to bake up one of her faves, cinnamon buns! Of course I found the recipe in the Vanilla Bean Baking Book. Have I mentioned how much I love this book & Sarah Kieffer?

Another bestie got a little bit older and for the special occasion I whipped up a strawberry cheesecake pie. I think I may prefer this over normal cheesecake. My one misstep here was the swirl. I forgot to swirl in the strawberry sauce pre-baking, so you can only imagine my panic when 10 minutes in, I reread the recipe and realized my mistake. I was so disappointed it didn’t look as pretty as it could have. I really should listen to my own advice of reading a recipe completely through before baking. Maybe one day I will learn. Follow the link for the recipe: https://www.bakefromscratch.com/strawberry-swirl-cheesecake-pie/

Next up: Father’s Day! I try to bake something different for every occasion. June 17th was no different. Enter the cinnamon roll apple pie. I haven’t baked a pie in a while and was really in the mood to do so. So when I came across this recipe on the Bake From Scratch website, I was excited. https://www.bakefromscratch.com/cinnamon-roll-apple-pie/
My only wish for this pie was that I had baked it a little longer, and that I had not baked it in advance and thrown it in the freezer. The apples, once thawed, became quite watery leaving the bottom of the crust a bit mushy. There were no complaints from anyone else though. 🙂

That’s about it for now. I will let you in on a new little project I began in next month’s post, so stay tuned!



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